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active in appalachia and west texas


Marcellus Shale – the largest source of natural gas in the United States. Lying underneath 66 million acres, stretching across Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and into southeast Ohio and upstate New York.

Utica Shale – Lies under the Marcellus Shale. Although the Utica extends into areas of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, most Utica activity takes place in eastern Ohio. The depth of the rock decreases to the west into Ohio which allows for economic extraction.


Greene County, Washington County, Tioga County, Bradford County, Susquehanna County, Wyoming County, Lycoming County, Sullivan County


Harrison County, Jefferson County, Belmont County, Guernsey County, Monroe County, Carroll County, Columbiana County, Noble County

west virginia

Brooke County, Ohio County, Marshall County, Wetzel County, Monongalia County, Marion County, Tyler County, Doddridge County, Harrison County, Ritchie County, Pleasants County

West Texas

Permian Basin – the largest oil-producing basin in the United States. As of 2020, over 4 million barrels of oil a day are being pumped from the Permian, and a cumulative total of over 29 billion barrels.


Martin County, Midland County,  Glasscock County, Howard County, Reagan County, Dawson County, Andrews County, Ector County, Upton County, Reeves County, Ward County, Loving County, Pecos County, Winkler County